Most popular online keno variations explained


Keno is a fun and easy game of chance that many people enjoy playing online. The classic version that most people know. In traditional keno, you pick numbers from a board of 80 choices. You can usually select between 1 and 20 numbers. After you pick, 20 winning numbers are drawn at random. The more of your numbers that match the drawn numbers, the more you win. This basic style is still very popular online. It’s simple to understand and play. Many people like sticking with what they know. Traditional keno gives that familiar feel even when playing on a computer or phone.

Power keno

  • Power Keno adds an extra twist to the standard game.
  • It works mostly the same way as traditional keno. But there’s one big difference – the last number drawn is special.
  • If this final number matches one of your picks, your prize is multiplied. Often, the multiplier is 4x your normal win.
  • This variation gives players a chance at bigger wins. It adds some extra excitement as you wait for that last number to be revealed.
  • Power Keno is a hit with folks who want a little more thrill in their game.

Super keno

  • Super Keno is similar to Power Keno but with the bonus applied to the first number instead of the last.
  • If the first drawn number matches one of your picks, your prize is multiplied.
  • Again, a 4x multiplier is common.
  • This version gives you that rush of excitement right at the start of the draw. Some players prefer this to waiting until the end for a possible bonus.

Combination keno

  • Combination Keno lets you play multiple keno tickets at once.
  • You choose your numbers as usual.
  • But then the game automatically creates different combinations from your picks. Each combo counts as its ticket.
  • This style gives you more chances to win from a single set of chosen numbers.
  • It’s popular with players who like to cover more ground. However, keep in mind that playing multiple tickets usually means a higher overall bet.

Pattern keno

  • In Pattern Keno, you don’t just pick random numbers. Instead, you choose a pattern on the keno board.
  • This could be a straight line, a cross shape, or any other pattern the game allows.
  • Your win is based on how many of the drawn numbers fit your chosen pattern.
  • This version adds a visual element to the game. Some players find it more engaging than just picking plain numbers.

Multi-card keno

  • Multi-Card Keno lets you play several keno cards at the same time.
  • You can fill out multiple cards with different number choices. Then, all cards are played in the same draw

Quick pick keno

  • Quick Pick Keno is perfect for players who don’t want to choose their numbers.
  • In this version, you decide how many numbers you want to play.
  • Then, the computer randomly selects those numbers for you and try this out.

Video keno

  • Video Keno brings keno to life with colourful graphics and animations.
  • It plays like regular keno but with a more arcade-like feel. Numbers might explode when drawn or light up in fun ways.


Online keno comes in many flavours. From classic play to versions with special rules or big jackpots, there’s likely a type that fits your style. Each variation adds its twist to keep the game fresh and exciting. Why not try a few different kinds to see which one you enjoy most.

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